Friday, January 17, 2014

Inside Reel - noision music credits

I almost forgot about this PBS documentary that noision provided 5 tracks from the electronic release "Exposion." Exposion was a "contest" we ran on the MC-505 Yahoo Group (previously the GrooveSource on One List -- anyone remember that?).

The list is still around and kicking (barely). We gathered our mainly Roland MC-505 produced tracks and picked the best. Noision (the label) published the album on MP3.COM and donated all profit to Amnesty International. A few thousand bucks if I recall correctly. This was about 1998 or 1999. As far as I can tell, Exposion and the follow up Exposion II, Dusk and Dawn, were the first electronic compilations created solely "online" with money to charity. If anyone knows otherwise, let me know!

Those were really the beginning days of group collaboration on the internet and things like One List and Yahoo Groups brought people technically online, truly closer together. I still have friends from this list, some who I have hung with in NYC and elsewhere in "real life," etc. It seemed a bit weird then, but not so much now.

MP3.COM was the future and really ahead of its time. It let anyone put up tracks, paid them royalties merely when anyone played them, and allowed you to sell your music, track by track, or by "album" for any price you set and gave you most of the money. Crazy! In fact it was easier than all the similar outlets that sort of do the same thing now. Google Play, etc. Too bad flew too close to the sun with its music locker type ploy which sunk it in litigation. 15 years later, and pretty much that is how it's done.

In any event, a friend's brother produced the documentary and used 5 tracks from the Exposion release:

Credits at the end of the film include:

Do You Want It - paakwaan

Monotonic - Oliver Kaeser

Untitled Star - XTC Dream
Horning Out - Carnivorous
Stolen Thought - rEalm (aka Tarekith aka Erik Magrini :) )
Where The Hell Are You Going - Georg Conrans
Here is the video: